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GDG Morgantown

The Morgantown Google Developer Group is hosted at the Reed Media Innovation Center every two weeks on Thursday night from 7 to 8:30. The group is open to students and professionals of all levels of expertise. The GDG Tech Talks will be linked to here.

Meeting #1 (04/21/2016)

Mobile App Development Course

This course will help the student develop the knowledge and skills necessary to develop mobile Application technology (Apps) on Android and iOS platforms. These skills will allow the student to explore creative, commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities using these skills and their own creativity.

Mobile Main Street

Mobile Main Street is a web-based publishing tool built for sharing real-time information from multiple members within a community. Unlike other platforms, we publish directly from community member's Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, or XML feeds. This means there's no need for storytellers and community members to login to post updates – it's all done automatically.

Data Driven Workshop

Full videos, links and materials for WVU Data Workshop